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Imperihome is a smart phone application that integrates natively with several domoticz systems. A Generic REST API has been made available for other systems to integrate themselves with it.

The below procedures are made to provide a gateway that will permit a user to use the smartphone app with Domoticz.

The Gateway will act as an interface between domoticz and Imperihome, so that Imperihome can interact with the Gateway, that will in return interract with Domoticz.

There will be a Client (ImperiHome), a protocolar gateway (The gateway below) and the Server (Domoticz). The gateway will be a REST/Web server with its own IP:port to be chosen and to be different from Domoticz if it runs on the same server.

Imperihome screen 1
Imperihome screen 2


  • all switches (but no arm, no ack as not available in DZ)
  • all temp/humidity/weather/uv/pressure sensors
  • all utilities
  • all scenes
  • rooms have been mapped upon DZ tabs for more clarity
  • thermostat setpoint as in DZ
  • RGB lights
  • MultiSwitch, custom sensors...


  • Full usage curves from Imperihome

General troubleshooting

If you run the gateway on a different server than domoticz, add it in the setup so it won't require login/password if you have set so.

Support in English: [1] Support in French: [2]




Please see always updated installation and troubleshooting guide [3]